Schriftzug Romana Repertoria



Dating back to 1974, the Bibliographic Information on Contemporary Italian History (Biblinf) is part of the services the German Historical Institute (DHI) in Rome offers to German and international scholars. It comprises new Italian language publications on 19th, 20th and 21st century history. Founded by Jens Petersen, since 1999 it has been edited by Lutz Klinkhammer with the participation of Gerhard Kuck and Susanne Wesely. Since that year, new publications – around 2,500 monographs annually – are collected in a relational database, offering easy and vast research access for external users. The DHI website provides a PDF file with the over 20,000 publications advertised in the Bibliographic Information on Contemporary Italian History throughout the 1990ies, in which users can browse or execute a full text search. The bibliography is distributed in print format by the Research Group for Contemporary Italian History, with whom the Institute cooperates closely since 1974.